There’s lots of different list-generators out there… lots of different ways to control your to do lists. They’re not as easy to share though, and you can’t embed anything into those lists. But, what if there was a product that let you do just that? Embed a Word document or a photo right next to a name in a spreadsheet, or add a whole table of extra info into one single row?
With blist, you can do just that! blist is a free online database and spreadsheet application designed for easy information sharing and collaboration online.
blist might look like a spreadsheet, but it has the smarts of a standalone database application because it allows you to create “lenses” to display only the data matching certain conditions, such as “Canada” in an address field. I am not at all a database geek, but even I know that a “lens” is what I’ve always called a “query”, or sometimes a filter.
There’s three ways you can create a blist – by searching through the database of current lists (even if you make your list private, the headers and format can still be seen), starting from scratch and creating your own, or byuploading an existing Excel XLS file (the Excel 2007 XLSX format isn’t supported), or a CSV file exported from Excel.
This is so easy, I’m thinking I might lean further into this rather than using a Google spreadsheets. We’ll see…

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